atsec’s Environmental Affairs Policy
atsec acknowledges the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen, actively supports the laws in the regions of the world where we operate, and abides by ethical standards and international norms. We strive to reduce and, where practical, eliminate practices that harm the interests of the public and/or the environment in which we conduct our business.

We are a consulting firm and have no production environment. As such, the scale of our contributions to conserving energy, reducing pollution, and handling the world’s natural resources with respect is comparatively small. Regardless, atsec’s management is committed implementing sustainable business practices.

atsec adheres to the following principles in an effort to reduce any negative impact on the environment:

  • Supporting our customer’s environmental policies and objectives
  • Conserving natural resources, such as energy sources, forests, and water
  • Reducing emissions and pollution, for example by choosing travel options with the smallest carbon footprint, reducing waste, and recycling materials

atsec specifies corporate and staff policies in support of these principles including:

  • Providing a work environment with resources that facilitate good sustainability practices
  • Encouraging environmental responsibility in our staff
  • Considering environmental impact when specifying our business processes and procedures
  • Striving to meet applicable best practice standards, such as ISO 14001
  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials, and using recyclable packaging and other materials

atsec publicly discloses results and/or progress against our environmental goals and other environmental aspects of our management system, including any regulatory fines and/or penalties. We have not been assessed environmental fines/penalties, but should this occur in the future, we will publicly disclose these.