Privacy Protection
The website of atsec information security corporation includes links to other web pages shown by the target URL in the status bar of your browser upon mouseover. atsec is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from its pages. The contents of the external web pages are subject exclusively to the responsibility and liability of the respective external providers and don’t mirror the opinion of atsec.

When accessing our web pages a record is created on the web server including

the IP address of the requesting computer,
the date and time of the request,
the access method or function of the requesting computer, for example “GET” or “POST”,
the page from which the file was accessed (Referrer),
the input values of the requesting computer (for example the filename),
the name of the requested file,
the transmitted data volume,
the access status of the web server (for example file transmitted, file not found, command not executed),
the type of web browser used (UserAgent)

Those records are evaluated only for forensic and statistical purposes of atsec, i.e. for identification and tracing of illegal access (or access attempts) to the web server as well as for obtaining a summary of access frequency to individual offered segments. The data will not be transferred to third parties.

Our website doesn’t make use of “cookies“.

As per the principle of data reduction and data economy we store data only as long as necessary to reach the mentioned objectives or as regulated by law. All data will be deleted after the legally-determined deadline has expired, or when the purpose of recording is well served. Data is deleted routinely and in compliance with legal requirements. For example, the above mentioned logfiles of the web server are deleted after six month.

We reserve the right to adjust this Privacy Protection Policy occasionally, so that it always corresponds to the latest legal requirements.