Crypto Module Bootcamp - February 27 2024 at Concordia University

atsec information security has partnered with Concordia University for a day-long in-person or remote bootcamp on cryptography, AI and Cyberspace, cryptographic algorithms, entropy and the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP). While attendance is free and includes lunch and a tour of the nature preserve at the end of the day, we would appreciate a donation to the Bertrand du Castel Memorial Scholarship. We will stop taking in-person sign-ups once the venue is at capacity.

Address for the event: 11400 Concordia University Dr, Austin, TX 78726

Keynote Speaker & Panelist

Professor Scott Aaronson

Professor Scott Aaronson


We are excited and honored to present Professor Scott Aaronson as our keynote speaker on the topic of the use of cryptography for safe AI. Scott is the Schlumberger Centennial Chair of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin, and director of its Quantum Information Center, but currently he is working with OpenAI on the theoretical foundations of AI safety. As a leading mathematical mind of our time, he has given numerous lectures and published papers on the capabilities and limits of quantum computers, and computational complexity theory more generally, as well as his book "Quantum Computing since Democritus".
You can find out more about Scott's work on his website and his blog. We also highly recommend the video "From Quantum Computing to AI Safety".


Dr. Lily (Lidong) Chen

Dr. Lily (Lidong) Chen

Dr. Lily (Lidong) Chen is a mathematician and NIST Fellow. She was the former manager of Cryptographic Technology Group in Computer Security Division, NIST. Her areas of research include cryptographic protocols, zero-knowledge proof, special featured digital signature schemes, network security, and security for wireless and mobility. Dr. Chen had twenty years of experience in academia and industry in cryptography research and applications before she joined NIST in 2005. Dr. Chen has actively contributed to cryptography and security standards in various organizations.

Eric Hibbard

Eric Hibbard

Eric is the Director of Product Planning – Security at Samsung Semiconductor Inc. He is an accomplished security and privacy leader with experience and expertise that span data protection and storage, networking, cryptography, cloud computing, IoT, and numerous other technologies. He is a significant contributor to the formal standardization of these technologies in ISO, IEC, ITU-T, and IEEE. He also is an enterprise ICT architect with experience working with critical infrastructure, government-wide initiatives, research facilities, and academic environments.


Jonathan Rolf

Jon Rolf is the current Director of NIAP, the US Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme validation body. In previous assignments he managed the strategy to address security requirements and capabilities in commercial technologies, worked in the Unified Cross Domain Management Office as manager of the Technology Division, managed the Trusted Computing Portfolio in the Commercial Solutions Center, and managed the development of trusted voice products in the STU III program office.

Time CST Topic Speaker
8:30-9:00am CST Arrival and registration atsec and Concordia
9:00-9:15am CST Welcome Address Sal La Pietra, atsec Founder and President
9:15-9:30am CST Dr. Bertrand du Castel Scholarship Dr. KC Pospisil, VP of Academic Operations
9:30-10:00am CST Keynote:
The Use of Cryptography for Safe AI
Prof. Scott Aaronson, UT Austin
10:00-10:45am CST Panel discussion:
Safe AI and Secure Cyberspace
Moderator: Dr. Yi Mao, atsec US CEO
Panelists: Prof. Scott Aaronson, UT Austin
Dr. Lily Chen, NIST Fellow
Eric Hibbard, Director of Product Planning – Security at Samsung Semiconductor Inc.
Jon Rolf, NIAP Director
10:45-11:00am CST - - - Break - - -
11:00-11:30am CST NIST-approved Algorithms and Validation Chris Celi, NIST CAVP Manager
Stephan Mueller, atsec
11:30-12:00pm CST Cryptographic Keys and Entropy Lisa Rabe, Cisco
12:00pm-12:30pm CST Upcoming Changes to ISO/IEC 19790 Carolyn French, Manager of Certification and Standards for the CCCS
Dr. Marcos Portnoi, atsec Lab Director
12:30pm-1:30pm CST - - - Lunch - - -
1:30-2:00pm CST Digital Keys to Access Cars Georg Stütz, NXP Security Certification Expert
Joachim Vandersmissen, atsec
2:00-2:30pm CST Software Security and SBOM Dr. Jade Stewart, NIAP Portfolio Manager
Trang Huynh, atsec CC Lab Manager
2:30-2:45pm CST - - - Break - - -
2:45-3:15pm CST HSM and Post Quantum Readiness Eric Amador, Product Manager at Thales
3:15-3:45pm CST FIPS 140-3 Validation and Beyond Swapneela Unkule, atsec CST Lab Manager
3:45-4:00pm CST Instruction for Nature Tour Concordia
4:00-5:00pm CST Nature Fest:
A Tour of the Nature Preserve

Sign-up for the Crypto Module Bootcamp has been closed.



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